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St. Mary Cranston Team Fundraising Website!

This website is here to help promote St. Mary's of Cranston sports teams help raise money to enhance their sports programs. You will have the opportunity to purchase advertisements, raffles and just send donations to help with our mission.


Our Mission 

Our goal is to raise funds to help build a sports program that will benefit our current students and all future students of St. Mary's. 

Our vision is to have our gym renovated to provide a safe, updated gym for our children to participate with extra curricular activities and gym time. 

Our plans include a refinish of the floor with the tiger sport logo on center court, adding more seats to our stage during home events, repainting of the walls, enhancing our school banners in the gym, updated scoreboard, scorer's table, team seats and uniforms.


Planned Projects

*below images to show ideas of upcoming projects.